The ONI Hoodie is structured with a thick 320gsm Cotton Fleece perfect for the summer cool nights and layering for the bleak winter that is brewing up on the Northern Hemisphere. It comes with 4 screen print locations that shows the inspiration of the piece and also a contrasting red drawstring. It only comes with a white/red colorway. 

  • 100% Cotton Fleece 320gsm

  • True to Size fit

  • Complete Cut & Sew

" The inspiration of the piece came from Japan and magazine covers. The piece talks about the fall of Japan at the start of the catastrophic “Resurgence” event, to where a large anomaly from space crashed at the heart of Tokyo. Of course since the brand has an underlying dystopian tone for the future, each piece has a story to it and it is under the eyes of the beholder, to see what the story is about. "