Inspired by the Metal Gear Solid series. From what was once an experimental mock-up, materialized to an actual piece. The mock-up’s intention was to explore different ways of color blocking and branding. Asymmetry is also persistent around the piece from the color choices to construction.

Constructed with soft French Terry fabric with a asymmetrical design philosophy. The sleeves features a cut-in RESURGENCE type all around the sleeve.


09/14/18 1:00PM PACIFIC TIME
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2018-08-27 03.44.27 1.jpg



Infinite in mystery is the gift of the Goddess
We seek it thus, and take to the sky
Ripples form on the water's surface
The wandering soul knows no rest.

Comes in two colors, Sky-Blue & Military Green. LOVELESS was inspired by the Final Fantasy Epic, “Loveless”. Mostly recited and referenced on the 7th Installation of Final Fantasy and also FF7: Crisis Core. The shirt references the FIRST ACT.

Printed with a bold LOVELESS Collegiate lettering on the front and a sewn in patch on the sleeve. The patch references where the inspiration originated from and depicts the face of a person. That person is Genesis, who was a character that was beyond obsessed with the “Loveless” Epic that it eventually led to his own downfall.

Shirt fits SLIGHTLY OVER-SIZED. Size down for a fitted look. Please refer to the size chart on the product page to see. Similar sizing to Supreme Tees if you are into that.