Dedicated to everyone who has supported RESURGENCE®,

       Man, I can't believe that it has been a year since I opened R.S.G to the public. Shout out to everyone who helped me in making this little vision of mine a reality. Thank you everyone in /r/sws, /r/sw and Reddit for supporting my little vision. Thank you to the OG brand owners in helping to get my designs in a cohesive and presentable form. Thank you Luigi, my local screen printer in ensuring that I get the best prints on my first 15 hoodies. Thank you friends, family and my significant other in believing that I can do this. Thank you everyone who supported without any remorse, knowing that I am just a "no name" maybe I am still a no-name brand and thank you for being here and reading this. It has been a crazy year and that balancing everything between my dedication to the development vs. the hardships of my college schedule was a very challenging feat. There are some days where I am demotivated due to the countless days of sleepless nights, 6 projects due on the next day and the crippling anxiety that no one will buy the things that I made. In the end, I am still here and even though it has only been a year, I have learned so much in the game and that this is something that I could not have experienced without you guys. I owe you everything and I know I am a broken track record by now but without your support, everything you see here will just be a dream all along.


Sincerely yours,

It will be available in Feb. 10 @ 1:00PM PST for $55 USD.

It will be available in Feb. 10 @ 1:00PM PST for $55 USD.



To celebrate the Year One anniversary, there will be a limited stock drop that is a reminder of the original hoodie I dropped a year ago. This will never restock and it is a sign, a mark that you guys were here since the inception of the brand. It will come with two laces (tonal green and purple) So you can switch it up whenever you feel like it. 


Starting from this drop, every US order will come with a mandatory tracking. This is to ensure that your package will be known from fulfillment to your door step. It has been costly to offer this off the bat but we finally got a small price break. It only affected the "NO TRACKING" price by adding an extra $2. I hope everyone is satisfied with this and will continue to keep better changes in the coming future. (Hopefully tracked packets Internationally.)